Tree Appraisal

Tree Value

TreescapeVery few dispute that trees have a value. However it is difficult to value all the many direct & indirect benefits contributed by trees, particularly when attempting to find a financial value that truly reflects the value of a tree

Providing a financial value to a tree can be important when legal disputes arise, in order to inform the courts. It can also play a significant role in determining management strategies & tree maintenance funding.

Tree Evaluation Systems

 There are a number of tree valuation systems around that have been developed to provide a financial value to a tree or group of trees. Each have their own strengths & weaknesses.

Our Service

We provide expert tree valuation for the benefit of our clients. Our tree valuations are robust & defensible and our expertise in this area, both in the use of a valuation system & our experience in the provision of this service allow our clients to place confidence in our assessments. Feel free to contact us for more advice.